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Wilderness Acupuncture provides a unique opportunity to learn how to bring Taoist, wilderness-based 5-element acupuncture into your practice and your life. Choose from year-long educational programs in Portland, Oregon, multi-day wilderness trips in Oregon or Glacier Bay, Alaska or weekend & 10-day clinical symposiums available internationally.

This site will be updated frequently to provide the most current information on trips and seminars. We will be sharing 
new insights on the 5 elements and spirit of the points as well as posting articles, audios, pictures, blogs and a
calendar. Enjoy!

Some reflections on a new O~C~ON ~VISION

Five Elements in Clinical Practice–Two Weekends Sept-Oct 2013 & Water Reflections

Dear friends and colleagues, I am writing you from Lemesurier island, Alaska, a FLAT calm ocean of timelessness; fogs float like zen~scapes over the Chicago mountains; gulls wheel & squall.

Five Elements in Clinical Practice–Two Weekends SEPT-OCT 2013

These workshops are targeted to all healthcare professionals as well as business executives, but would also benefit interested members of the public. They may be taken out of sequence.

Mineral ~ Metal

post from David Ford, April 22th, Auckland, New Zealand

Among 5ELEMENT Acupunctures myriad gifts, is a DEEP understanding of the powerful influences that seasonal changes impose upon ALL of our exterior & interior lives; animal & human; business cycles; national character; global village interactions.

Flying into Portland OREGON

Well hello far flung friends -:), ? , I'm not sure how you all find the time to "spend" so much time in face land ! In between fun runs for Parliament; grubbing the Scotch & Nodding thistles on my brother Jerrys farm @ Foxdown; group writing, editing, & rewriting a call for a NZ national "mission critical~direction change away from the church of GDP" document; & organizing transitions on our land, I don't seem to have time for face planting !!

5 Element Congress, Portland, May 3-6 2012

Roots & Branches
Deepening the Five Element Acupuncture Conversation

May 3-6, 2012
Still Meadow Retreat Center
(25 minutes east of Portland)

A gathering of classical scholars and skilled practitioners presenting:

Study Five Element Acupuncture in Nature! - Alaska Trip

Thu, 2011-08-11 09:00 - Sun, 2011-08-21 17:00

Alaska Trip: Travel to Glacier Bay, AK and then journey 14 miles across the ocean to a cabin on Lemesurier Island. There you will watch the sea lions swim by during the day and listen to the whales playing in the kelp beds in the morning. Throughout the day you will go on hikes around the island and learn about the elements from the comfort of this rustic cabin. This is a trip of a lifetime and should not be missed!
For the August Trips you will need to fly to Gustavus, AK (Alaska Airlines can get you there)

Study Five Element Acupuncture in Nature! - Rafting trip in Oregon

Mon, 2011-06-27 09:00 - Thu, 2011-06-30 17:00

Study Five-Element Acupuncture in Nature!

Join David Ford, L.Ac. in Alaska or Oregon and learn about this medicine immersed in the wilderness and glean valuable insights from his 38 years living this medicine.

Our fingers in the dike

In my 38th year in 5 ELEMENT Acupuncture and Natural Medicine I find myself reflecting on and meditating deeply into the state of our profession at this juncture in history. We should all be very proud of the amazing accomplishments, collective efforts, and all of our personal contributions, in all of the western nations.

And speaking of Spring !

In between the slow key strokes of my ludite typing skills, ‘seat’ plastered to chair, I have been taking the time during the brief ‘sunny sucker holes’ punctuating the  wetness of a NW coast ‘climate change’ Spring, to go for brisk walks with the purpose of ‘learning and deepening’ with the Elemental Masters as we leave Winter and enter into the Awakened flourishing of Spring.

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