Flying into Portland OREGON

Well hello far flung friends -:), ? , I'm not sure how you all find the time to "spend" so much time in face land ! In between fun runs for Parliament; grubbing the Scotch & Nodding thistles on my brother Jerrys farm @ Foxdown; group writing, editing, & rewriting a call for a NZ national "mission critical~direction change away from the church of GDP" document; & organizing transitions on our land, I don't seem to have time for face planting !!
HOWEVER~ one of the conveniences of this system is the ability to get news out to thousands in one edit; so here goes; and please, if you wish~do pass it forward: I will be flying into Portland OREGON on April 18th, in advance of the 5 Element conference (May 3 to 6) which I am excited to be one of the co-presenters at.

I am very keen to treat anyone who feels like a tune up from an antipidian chi bard:~ and am also very interested in working with anyone who is having challenges with "difficult to resolve cases":- For either of the above options contact Kwan Yin office and or The famous & illustrious David Berkshire.

And speaking if said being -:) ! If you are not already signed up for what I know I'll be a remarkable conference & opportunity to get together & celebrate each other; AND our beautiful 5 ELEMENT medicine; hosted by David, Kwan Yin & Shannon Conrad, DO SIGN UP! Promise you will be glad you did.

Lastly; MY Heart calls POWERFULLY for me to settle into New Zealand; if I find gainful employment here in the next 3 weeks~ my visit to PDX will be a "flying one", so just in case, if you want treatment(s) book early: IF no luck in job land in NZ; then I'll be "investing" a liitle time in P town. Which ever way; I look forward to seeing as many as possible of you sooner..To quote Ronald Reagan, it will be the 42 anniversary of my 18th birthday {which is how old I really feel-:)?} in early May, so I will be in the mood to celebrate after a rather 'interesting' journey!

In the meantime BE GENTLE ON YOUR S~elves, and EACH OTHER..
Grace, peace, blessings, passionate song cycles & LOVE...David Ford...and remember....pass this on to friends..