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Flying into Portland OREGON

Well hello far flung friends -:), ? , I'm not sure how you all find the time to "spend" so much time in face land ! In between fun runs for Parliament; grubbing the Scotch & Nodding thistles on my brother Jerrys farm @ Foxdown; group writing, editing, & rewriting a call for a NZ national "mission critical~direction change away from the church of GDP" document; & organizing transitions on our land, I don't seem to have time for face planting !!

Our fingers in the dike

In my 38th year in 5 ELEMENT Acupuncture and Natural Medicine I find myself reflecting on and meditating deeply into the state of our profession at this juncture in history. We should all be very proud of the amazing accomplishments, collective efforts, and all of our personal contributions, in all of the western nations.

Orbit Bone, Gbl 1

I would invite you to reflect on Gall Bladder # 1. “ORBIT BONE” located on the outer canthus of the eye orbit bone in the soft hollow. The entry point of the GB meridian.

And speaking of Spring !

In between the slow key strokes of my ludite typing skills, ‘seat’ plastered to chair, I have been taking the time during the brief ‘sunny sucker holes’ punctuating the  wetness of a NW coast ‘climate change’ Spring, to go for brisk walks with the purpose of ‘learning and deepening’ with the Elemental Masters as we leave Winter and enter into the Awakened flourishing of Spring.

Alaska, Coming to Grips with the Tao


At 30,00 feet over the stunning coast range of Alaska, one’s life challenges are rapidly brought into perspective! My or ‘our’ ‘big’ problems pail in comparison to this vast expanse of Fiords, Rock, Ice & Flora that peaks up through South East Alaska’s famous cloud blanket. A spirit of Freedom pervades space and time. The Ancient Tao prevails.

Swimming in Streams

Last weekend the lovely Alysia, Liam and David Anderson went camping in Oregon to see if the young Liam could handle a four day Five Element wilderness acupuncture class the following weekend. Alysia’s curious question was, “What point symbolizes a small stream softly bubbling toward the ocean amidst the most beautiful tall tree forest?”  

On acupuncture points TW1 and TW23

TW 1: 'Rushing the Frontier Gate'; located on the lateral edge of the ring finger nail; is the mineral point of the TW, it acts like the great wall of China ,or the castle keep [walls] surrounding the "Queing". Being the Colon aspect of mineral.

On great leadership - domain of the heart

Hello fellow travelers of the HEART. Welcome to the launch of our new website, www.wildernessacupuncture.com. We have merged ASOMseminars.com and David Ford Seminars.com into this new website. If you like what you see or hear please pass it on to family, friends, associates, community and national leadership. The picture enclosed illuminates Dr. Ken Norris, the revealer of Porpoise – Whale - Dolphin communication. Ken is a true King and inspirer, more of his story later.

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