David Ford

David’s clinical expertise is informed by a deep understanding of natural phenomenon, human emotional and spiritual blocks and pulse diagnosis. As a lifelong student of qi, he believes that we can never master this medicine; only be a student of it. When we realize this truth and surrender to its wisdom, the qi becomes our master teacher. This approach has led to many unique discoveries about enhancing the power and results of 5-elements acupuncture, which David shares with his students.

Whether teaching an intimate class or lecturing internationally, David is gifted in helping people open their hearts to connect deeply with nature and each other. He looks for the hero and leader in each of his students and supports them in recognizing – and living by – these archetypes in themselves. Learning with David will transform your mind, spirit, and clinical practice.

David resides in New Zealand for part of the year in the beautiful mountain village of Naseby where he conducts intimate, five-element workshops for groups of up to 12 people. With a summer climate similar to eastern Oregon, Naseby is famous for its hiking, mountain biking and swimming.