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  • Welcome`- Hello fellow travelers of the HEART.
    Welcome to the launch of our new website, www.wildernessacupuncture.com. We have merged ASOMseminars.com and DavidFordSeminars.com into this new website. If you like what you see or hear please pass it on to family, friends, associates, community and national leadership. My VISION for this website is to share the simple profound wisdom that arises out of the DAOIST FIVE ELEMENT way of seeing into the interrelated web of all life on our blue green jewel earth. VISION is a domain of the HEART. This website is not just for five element acupuncturists, traditional Chinese medical practitioners, or natural medicine practitioners. I have decided to open up the HEART of our medicine to all interested parties from all walks of life and all professions, from the homemaker (THE most important and powerful job on the planet), to all healing arts professions, to corporate and national leadership. It will not just be focused on the FIVE ELEMENT theoretical and clinical applications in our practices. We will also discuss the application of this worldview in politics, ecology, economy, the movies, and mass media. > David Ford
    More on this: http://wildernessacupuncture.com/blog/david/great-leadership-domain-heart
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  • Upcoming: Alaska, Glacier Bay - 3rd of August - 14th of August 2010
    From Gustavus, Alaska we will travel by boat to a 14 square-mile island at the mouth of Glacier Bay in Southeast Alaska. We will spend nine days in a cabin surrounded by rainforest, which we will explore by day. Many mornings we will be greeted by humpback whales feeding in the kelp bed in front of the house, followed by sea lions, otters and a variety of sea birds.
    During our daily hikes and evening gatherings, we will deepen our understanding of the elements on a vibrational level. The power of the water will always be present, as the powerful tides of Southeast Alaska create deep movement. The trip will have ample opportunity for personal time, as well as gathering time to share our inspiration and learning. Returning home, your life will be infused with greater insight into the five elements. Healing professionals will discover new ways to apply this profound medicine to their clinical practice.
    Course fee includes:
  • all wilderness trip food
  • ground and boat transportation from Gustavus airport
  • rustic lodging in Glacier Ba
  • David Ford’s instruction
  • wilderness guides for more information or sign up

    Contact April Straus to sign up or get more information – 503-341-0504 or info@wildernessacupuncture.com